Campaign Finance & Ethics Reform

Promoting Fairness and Transparency.


Tom Kean Jr SrWith the close partnership with Governor Christie’s administration, the Republican caucus has proposed an ethics reform package that will curb the burden New Jersey property taxpayers must bear from the abuse and exploitation of loopholes by public officials and special interest groups. Every day without action, the tab left for taxpayers only accumulates. The package of legislation will increase transparency, keep public officials accountable, and preserve the integrity of the electoral process. Moreover, it attacks New Jersey’s high property taxes at their root.

S590: Provides full forfeiture of pension of elected or appointed official convicted of any crime touching office.
S1917: Applies the same strict pay-to-play standards for labor unions as individuals and corporations. Campaign finance reform only works if it limits all special interest groups, and does not provide any exceptions to benefit one party or another.
S601: Suspends the pension of any retired public employee who resumes public employment with compensation more than $15,000.
S2068: Transfers responsibility for establishment and enforcement of ethical standards for local officials and school officials to the State Ethics Commission. Ultimately, it makes all public officials accountable to state ethics laws.
S808: Eliminates sick-leave jackpots for retiring public officials. Accumulated sick and vacation payout liability for municipalities statewide is currently $880 million.
SCR13: Proposes constitutional amendment to provide that no person shall hold more than one public office, position or employment, of profit, except in the case of certain shared services positions.