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The state of New Jersey has made great strides following a decade of disarray and mismanagement. A decade that experienced 115 tax and fee increases, 119,000 private-sector layoffs, 70% increase in property taxes, and the exodus of $70 billion of wealth from New Jersey – families, jobs and businesses fleeing to competing states like New York, Texas and North Carolina.

In the midst of the financial meltdown, the Republican caucus unveiled the Common Sense Plan for a More Affordable New Jersey, which focused on making government smarter and more efficient. Under Governor Chris Christie’s leadership, the priority-driven strategy successfully flipped Trenton upside down, putting an end to the old “tax and spend” approach. The plan received bipartisan support and paved the path forward, following years of fiscal recklessness.

Furthermore, in partnership with Governor Christie, the Republican caucus has delivered extraordinary results, including four balanced budgets and the closing of an $11 billion deficit without raising taxes, the best private sector job creation since 2001, the 2% property tax cap, and historic funding for New Jersey’s public education system and also, New Jersey’s pension system.

The Garden State is on the right track for a better tomorrow. Nevertheless, much more needs to be accomplished in order to make the state more affordable, hold government accountable at all levels, and better protect families and the most vulnerable. Common-sense solutions will achieve these goals and aspirations, and make New Jersey the state where families seek to live and businesses locate to thrive.