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Supporting New Jersey’s Economy.

New Jersey’s tax system aches for a long overdue overhaul, which strives to attract and retain families, businesses and jobs. Tom’s priority is establishing an environment that provides the predictability needed to invest, grow and prosper.

Tom Kean Jobs

S2419: Eliminates New Jersey’s estate tax and repeals parts of the statutory law. New Jersey is only one of two states with both an inheritance tax and an estate tax – ranking the state among the highest rates in the nation.
S1914: Prevents municipalities from increasing user fees as a way of circumventing the 2% property tax cap.
S633: “New Jersey Economic Development Promotion Act,” streamlines and reorganizes State economic development statutes in order to promote administrative efficiency.
S614: Provides partial sales tax exemption for energy and utility service to certain manufacturers.
S617: Allows tax credits for development of qualified wind energy facilities in port district of Port Authority of NY & NJ.