Advancing Women’s Rights and Protecting Victims

Protection for New Jersey’s Children.

The state has made great strides in providing women and families with easier access to vital health services. New Jersey must maintain its focus on this critical priority. Therefore, Tom has proposed legislation encompassing a wide array of services for women, children and families, particularly in the human rights arena.

S2932: Creates crime of home invasion; makes crime subject to No Early Release Act.
S886: Expands civil rights protections to include pregnancy and breast-feeding; requires employers to provide daily breaks to breast-feeding mothers.
S2705: Enacts the “Jessica Lunsford Act;” imposes mandatory term of imprisonment; provides for negotiated reduction of mandatory term under certain circumstances.
S180: Requires prosecutors to determine risk of re-offense under Megan’s Law prior to offender’s release from incarceration. At present, many sex offenders are not tiered until they have been released into the community because the offender’s residence is a factor that may be considered in determining risk of re-offense.
S622: Increases the penalties for harboring or concealing a sex offender.
S628: Requires notification of certain domestic violence victims through the Victim Information and Notification Everyday System (VINE).