Some of the laws Senator Kean has been proud to sponsor

Tom Kean has established a significant and diverse record of legislative accomplishments. His body of work takes on the extraordinary challenges that the citizens of New Jersey face today. The extensive record he has compiled is composed of some of the following legislation:

  • The “Smoke-Free NJ Act,” which eliminated smoking in workplaces and public venues.
  • A constitutional amendment protecting the integrity and solvency of the state’s unemployment fund.
  • The “Human Trafficking Prevention, Protection, and Treatment Act,” which expands the state’s current laws with far-reaching measures, and it creates a new human trafficking commission.
  • Certain employment protections for employees on military leave in time of war or emergency.
  • The 2012 voter-supported “Building our Future Bond Act” for higher education capital projects for increasing of educational capacity.
  • Two landmark divestiture laws that prohibit state investment or contracting with companies operating in Sudan and in Iran.
  • The Global Warming Response Act, which requires the state to improve air emission standards.
  • Expanded the age eligibility under New Jersey’s Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund, which provides a financial safety net for families whose children have experienced an illness or condition not fully covered by insurance, state or federal program, or any other resource.
  • Sponsored laws that established the New Jersey’s Senior Gold prescription program and the reestablishment of the NJ Family Care health insurance program, which provides health insurance for low-income working families.
  • Expanded sales and distribution opportunities for brewers of craft beers in New Jersey.